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Amatul GhafoorServant of Allahأَمَة الغَفُوْر
Amatul GhaniServant of Allahأمة الغَنِيّ
Amatul HaafizServant of Allahأمة الحَافِظ
Amatul HadiServant of Allahأمة الهَادِي
Amatul HafeezServant of Allahأَمَة الحَفِيْظ
Amatul HaiServant of Allahأمَة الحَيّ
Amatul HakamServant of Allahأمة الحَكَم
Amatul HakeemServant of Allahأَمَة الحَكِيْم
Amatul HaleemServant of Allahأَمَة الحَلِيْم
Amatul HameedServant of Allahأمَة الحَمِيْد
Amatul HaqServant of Allahأَمَة الحَق
Amatul HaseebServant of Allahأَمة الحَسِيْب
Amatul JabarServant of Allahأَمَة الجَبَّار
Amatul JaleelServant of Allahأَمَة الجَلِيْل
Amatul JameelServant of Allahأمَة الجَمِيْل
Amatul KabirServant of Allahأمة الكَبِيْر
Amatul KareemServant of Allahأَمة الكَرِيْم
Amatul KhabirServant of Allahأَمَة الخَبِيْر
Amatul KhaliqServant of Allahأَمَة الخَالِق
Amatul KhallaqServant of Allahأمة الخلاّق
Amatul LatifServant of Allahأمَة اللَّطِيْف
Amatul MaalikServant of Allahأَمَة المَالِك
Amatul MajeedServant of Allahأمة المَجِيْد
Amatul MaleekServant of Allahأمة المَلِيْك
Amatul ManaanServant of Allahأَمَة المَنَّان
Amatul MateenServant of Allahأمة المَتِيْن
Amatul MawlaServant of Allahأمة المولى
Amatul MubeenServant of Allahأَمَة المُبِيْن
Amatul MuhaiminServant of Allahأَمَة المُهَيْمِن
Amatul MuheetServant of Allahأمة المُحِيْط
Amatul MujeebServant of Allahأمة المُجِيْب
Amatul MuqaddimServant of Allahأَمَة المُقَدِّم
Amatul MuqitServant of Allahأَمَة المُقِيْت
Amatul MuqtadirServant of Allahأَمَة المُقْتَدِر
Amatul MusawwirServant of Allahأَمَة المُصَوِّر
Amatul MutaalServant of Allahأَمَة المُتَعَال
Amatul MutaaliServant of Allahأَمَة المُتَعَالي
Amatul NaseerServant of Allahأَمَة النَّصِيْر
Amatul QadeerServant of Allahأَمَة القَدِيْر
Amatul QadirServant of Allahأَمَة القَدِيْر
Amatul QahirServant of Allahأَمَة القَاهِر
Amatul QareebServant of Allahأَمَة القَرِيْب
Amatul QaweeServant of Allahأَمَة القَرِيْب
Amatul QayyumServant of Allahأَمَة القَيُّوْم
Amatul QuddusServant of Allahأَمَة القُدُّوْس
Amatul ShaheedServant of Allahأَمَة الشَّهِيْد
Amatul ShakoorServant of Allahأَمَة الشَّكُوْر
Amatul TawwabServant of Allahأَمَة التَّوَّاب
Amatul WadudServant of Allahأَمَة الوَدُوْد
Amatul WahaabServant of Allahأَمَة الوَهَّاب
Amatul WahidServant of Allahأَمَة الوَاحِد
Amatul WaleeiServant of Allahأَمَة الوَلِيّ
Amatul WarisServant of Allahأَمَة الوَارِث
AmatullahServant of Allah /////// servant of Allah (female) servant of Allahأَمَة الله مطوله امۃ اﷲ
Amatur RabServant of Allahأَمَة الرَّب
Amatur RaheemServant of Allahأَمَة الرَّحِيْم
Amatur RahmanServant of Allahأَمَة الرَّحْمَن
Amatur RaqeebServant of Allahأَمَة الرَّقِيْب
Amatur RazzaqServant of Allahأَمَة الرَّزَّاق
Amatus SalamServant of Allahأَمَة السَّلاَم
Amatus SamadServant of Allahأَمَة الصَّمَد
Amatus SameeServant of Allahأَمَة السَّمِيْع
Amatuz ZaahirServant of Allahأَمَة الظَّاهِر
AmeenaLoyal and Trustworthy Trustworthy, faithful Trustworthy, faithful. hones; fem. of Aminأمينة امینہ
AminatLoyal and Trustworthyأَمِيْنَات
AminuSafe and Secureأمنو
AmmunaLoyal and Trustworthyأَمُّوْنَة
AmmuraBeautiful and Radiantأَمُّوْرَة
AmmuriBeautiful and Radiantأَمُّوْرِي
AmnianSafe and Secureأمنيان
AnaTime, Era, Epoch | Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing and Devoted to Godأناء، أناة
AnaratLight and Radianceأنارات
AnasaSerenity and Tranquilityأَنَاسَة
AnasiyaFriendly and Hospitableأَنَسِيّة
AnayaCaring, Guardian, Protectorعَناية انایہ
AneesaGentle | Good Friend and Companion Close, intimate, friendly Companion, affectionate, friendly, sociable, intimate friend; fem. of Anisأَنِيْسَة أنيسة انیسہ
AniyahCaring, Guardian and Protectorعَانِيَة
AnjudiyaHighland and Plateauأنْجُدِيّة
AnoudBrave, Strong and Courageousعَنُوْد
AnwaraLight and Radiance Ray of Lightأَنْوَارة أنوار
AqeelahIntelligent, Educated and Intellectual | Wise, Wisdom and Decisiveness Wise, Sensibleعَقِيْلَة عقيله
AqidahFaith and Creedعَقِيْدَة
AreebahWise, Wisdom and Decisiveness Witty, smartأريبة أرباح
AreefaWise, Wisdom and Decisiveness Learned, expert, authority Learned, expert, authority; fem. of Areefعَرِيفَة عريفة عریفہ
ArfaanaWise, Wisdom and Decisivenessعَرْفَانة
ArhaaCalm and Sereneأَرْهَى
AroofaWise, Wisdom and Decisivenessعَرُوْفَة
AsaalatNoble, Admirable and Praiseworthy | Smart, Creative and Innovativeأصالت
AsalaNoble, Admirable and Praiseworthy | Smart, Creative and Innovativeأَصَالَة
AseelaSmart, Creative and Innovative Of noble origin, highborn Of noble origin, highborn, pure; fem. of Asilأَصِيْلَة أصيلة اصیلہ
AsfaPure Tanned sun burned, Bin Asla Tanned sun burned, Bin Asla had this name; he was a narrator of Hadithأَصْفى اسفا اسفع
AshiyaLife and Aliveعاشية | آشية
AsimaCaring, Guardian and Protector Protector Safe, chaste, protector, guardian; fem. of Asimعاصمة أسمى عاصمہ
AsmaHigh Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb Loftier, More, Eminet He was Ibn Harithah Al-Aslami A narrator of Hadith and daughter of Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Tahir al-Aswadi (AN)أسمى و أسماء اسما اسماء عثمہ
AsnaLight and Radiance The one to be acknowledged or praisedأسنى اسنا آسناﺀ
AtayaGift from Allahعَطَايا
AtiyaGift from Allah Gift Gift, present, bounty, grantعطية عطیہ
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