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About Islamic Name Abbad. Find the meaning of Abbad, its origins and more.
About Abbad
MeaningWorshiper of Allah
A great worshipper of Allah, several men have passed bearing this name among them Abu Abbad Jabir Ibn Zayd of the court of al Mamun
A great worshipper of Allah
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Similar Boy Names
Ayyub - Ayyub was a Prophet of Allah known for his patience in the face of severity and hardship There have been other noted men by this name, for instance Ibn Tamim was a reciter of the Quran, Al-Sakhtiyani was a learned ascetic A Prophet, the biblical Job
Isbahani - From Isbahan; quite a few people were kown by this name; Abu Bakr ibn Ashtah, among them; he wrote on the syntax and rhetoric of the Quran From Isbahan
Muzammil - One who is enwrapped in garments. Al-Muzzammil: title of the 73rd Sura of the Quran. In this sura, Allah addresses the Prophet Muhammad Wrapped, One who is wrapped in garments. Name of a Surah in the Holy Quran
Qutaibah - Name of a great Mujahid (warrior) in the way of Allah and name of a Sahabi
Adi - A form of vasistha A Sahabi of the Prophet of Allah PBUH. And a son of Haatim Taai, a person famous for his in generosity; his full name was Adiyy ibn Haatim
Khafiz - Easy, comfortable, smooth; also a name of Allah Al-Khafid meaning one who humbles, The Abaser, hence Abdul Khafid Easy, comfortable, smooth
Maqil - Intelligent; Quite a few people had this name, among them companions of the Prophet PBUH ibn Sinah RA Intelligent
Sajjad - One who constantly prostrates, worshiper of Allah, worshipper engaged in sujud (prostration) before Allah One who worships a lot
Abu Zar - A great Sahabi of the Prohet of Allah
Abdah - Nick name of Abdur - Rehman bin Sulayman the father of Muhammad Ibn Abdur Rahman, the genealogist Nick name of Abdur - Rehman Worshiper (of Allah)
Hadrami - There have been notable men with this name, for isntance, (i) Abdullah ibn-Abi Ishaq, a Quran reciter of Basrah There have been notable men
Halwani - Confectioner. This was the name of Ahmad Ibn-Zayd a reciter of the Quran and student of Hadith Confectioner
Ilyas - A Prophet, the biblical Elias A Prophets name Name of a Prophet of Allah. He was called Ilyaseen as well
Jahm - Name of a Sahabi Sullen Sullen, Ibn Huzafah Al-Adawi had this name; he helped conduct the funeral of Sayyidina Usman RA
Juyal - Quarrdsome; A companion of the Prophet PBUH, Ibn Suraqah al-Dumari had this name and was one of the Ahl as Suffah Quarrdsome, A companion
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