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About Islamic Name Abbood. Find the meaning of Abbood, its origins and more.
About Abbood
MeaningWorshiper of Allah
Devoted worshipper of Allah
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EnglishAbbood – Play English
ArabicعَبُّوْدPlay Arabic
عبودPlay Arabic
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Similar Boy Names
Aabid - Worshiper of Allah worshipper
Abbad - Worshiper of Allah A great worshipper of Allah, several men have passed bearing this name among them Abu Abbad Jabir Ibn Zayd of the court of al Mamun A great worshipper of Allah
Sajjad - One who constantly prostrates, worshiper of Allah, worshipper engaged in sujud (prostration) before Allah One who worships a lot
Aabidullah - Worshiper of Allah
Abideen - Servant of Allah | Worshiper of Allah
Abuda - Worshiper of Allah
Batil - Worshiper of Allah
Abdah - Nick name of Abdur - Rehman bin Sulayman the father of Muhammad Ibn Abdur Rahman, the genealogist Nick name of Abdur - Rehman Worshiper (of Allah)
Sanaullah - Praise of Allah Worshiper of Allah
Abidullah - Worshipper of Allah
Abdul Aakhir - Servant of Allah Servant of the Last
Abdul Aala - Servant of Allah
Abdul Afuw - Servant of Allah Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul Ahad - Servant of Allah Servant of the only One (Allah)
Abdul Akram - Servant of Allah
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