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About Islamic Name Ahmad. Find the meaning of Ahmad, its origins and more.
About Ahmad
MeaningNoble, Admirable and Praiseworthy
Much Praised , One of the Names of Muhammad (SAW)
Most highly adored
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ArabicأحمدPlay Arabic
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Similar Boy Names
Muhammad - Noble, Admirable and Praiseworthy Praised, lauded, commended, praiseworthy. Muhammad ibn Abdullah (570-632); Messenger of Allah who preached the faith of Islam Praiseworthy - name of the LAST Prophet (AS)
Ahmed - The most praised The most praised; one of the names of the Prophet Muhammad; I praise (First person present imperfect verb)
Ali - High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb The high, Exalted One The Highest, Greatest, Excellent, Noble, Name Of The Prophets Son In High, lofty, sublime, eminent, excellence, noble, honourable; one of the names of Allah; fourth Caliph of Islam
Aziz - High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb The all powerful Might, strong, illustrious Powerful (dear) Might, strong, illustrious, highly esteemed, dearly loved, one of the names of Allah
Mahmud - Noble, Admirable and Praiseworthy The praised one, commendable
Rahim - Good Friend and Companion Merciful, compassionate, kind. Al-Rahim, the most Merciful: one of the names of Allah Merciful Kind, generous, kindly, nice
Aleem - Intelligent, Educated and Intellectual Wise man Learned, expert, scholar Learned, expert, scholar, omniscient; one of the names of Allah
Amjaad - Noble, Admirable and Praiseworthy Pl. of majd, glory, honour Pl. of Majd, glory, honour
Hadi - Guide, Guided and Guidance One who leads to the right path, guide, one of the names of Allah Guiding to the right (truth)
Hashim - Brave, Strong and Courageous One who smashes or breaks anything to pieces. Grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad Broker, destroyer of evil
Hisham - Noble, Admirable and Praiseworthy Beneficence, generosity, Name of a Sahabi Generosity
Qadeer - Powerful and Able Able, powerful, mighty, one of the names of Allah Powerful, very kind hearted and honest
Qadir - Powerful and Able Able, capable, powerful, might. One of the names of Allah Powerful
Qawi - Brave, Strong and Courageous Strong, powerful, firm, mighty. One of the names of Allah Strong, powerful, firm
Raheem - Kind, Compassionate and Tenderhearted Allah’s attribute, Most Merciful, Most kind. Names, Abdur-Raheem, Muhammad Raheem Variant transcription of RAHIM
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