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About Islamic Name Aleefa. Find the meaning of Aleefa, its origins and more.
About Aleefa
MeaningFriendly and Hospitable | Good Friend and Companion
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EnglishAleefa – Play English
ArabicأَلِيْفةPlay Arabic
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Similar Girl Names
Aneesa - Gentle | Good Friend and Companion Close, intimate, friendly Companion, affectionate, friendly, sociable, intimate friend; fem. of Anis
Onaysa - Good Friend and Companion
Rafeeqa - Gentle | Good Friend and Companion | Kind, Compassionate and Tenderhearted
Sameera - Good Friend and Companion Entertaining companion Companion (in nightly conversation), entertainer (with stories, music etc.) fem. of Samir
Sumaira - Good Friend and Companion Princess, successful
Zameela - Good Friend and Companion
Anasiya - Friendly and Hospitable
Rafeeqah - Friend, associate, companion, a soft and kind hearted lady Friend
Husni - Beautiful and Radiant Possessing beauty Good, handsome
Khair - Noble, Admirable and Praiseworthy Good, blessing, boon, wealth, benevolent, fortune Good, blessing, boon, wealth Good, blessing, boon, wealth, fortune
Reyah - Good Scent | Winning, Victory and Triumph Comfort
Rizwan - Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing and Devoted to God Acceptance. Good Will. Name Of The Keeper Of The Gates Of Heaven Peon of Paradise Satisfaction contentment, happiness, pleasure, name of the Keeper of the gates of Jannah (Paradise) Satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, contentment, name of the gate-keeper of paradise
Aleena - Tender and Delicate Fair , Good-Looking Silk of heaven Beautiful
Ayana - Intelligent, Educated and Intellectual Lucky, good day, day of judgement
Bashara - Good News and Glad Tidings
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