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About Islamic Name Arkan. Find the meaning of Arkan, its origins and more.
About Arkan
Pl. of Rukn, support, prop
Pl. of Rukn, support, prop, pillar
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Similar Boy Names
Rukn - Pillar, prop, support
Younas - Pillar/Support (of the faith - Islam)
Abrar - Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing and Devoted to God Pl. of Birr, obedience, gift
Afnan - Growth and Progress Tree branches or twigs Pl. of Fanan, branch, twig
Altaf - Gentle Kindness Grace Kindness Pl. of Lutf, kindness, grace, favour Pl. of Lutf, kindness
Amjaad - Noble, Admirable and Praiseworthy Pl. of majd, glory, honour Pl. of Majd, glory, honour
Anwaar - Light and Radiance Multiple , Light , Luster Light, glow, gleam Pl. of noor, meaning light, glow, gleam
Asrar - Secrets and Mystery Secrets, mysteries Secrets, mysteries, pl. of Sirr, secret Secrets
Budur - Moon and Moonlight Full moons Pl. of Badr, full moon
Amani - Hope Pl. of Umniya, wish Pl. of Umniya, wish, aspiration, hope Wishes, aspirations, hopes; pl. of Umniyah
Ayaat - Sign and Proof of Allah's Greatness Pl. of Ayat, sign Pl. of Ayat, sign, verse of the Quran Many signs & proofs, verses in the Quran
Jawahir - Gold, Ruby, Pearl and Coral Jewels; pl. of jawhar, jewel Jewels, pl. of jawhar, jewel Precious
Amanat - Security Deposit Trust Pl. of Amanah, trust, deposit
Anjum - Stars Plural of Najm, stars Pl. Najm, star
Anwar - Light Radiant, full of light More bright, more brilliant, more radiant, more luminous Rays of light; pl. of Noor
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