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About Islamic Name Ayyub. Find the meaning of Ayyub, its origins and more.
About Ayyub
MeaningAyyub was a Prophet of Allah known for his patience in the face of severity and hardship There have been other noted men by this name, for instance Ibn Tamim was a reciter of the Quran, Al-Sakhtiyani was a learned ascetic
A Prophet, the biblical Job
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Similar Boy Names
Adi - A form of vasistha A Sahabi of the Prophet of Allah PBUH. And a son of Haatim Taai, a person famous for his in generosity; his full name was Adiyy ibn Haatim
Kaisan - Wise; A companion of the Prophet PBUH. was known by this name. He was Ibn-Jareer Al-Awami RA Wise, A companion of the Pro
Juyal - Quarrdsome; A companion of the Prophet PBUH, Ibn Suraqah al-Dumari had this name and was one of the Ahl as Suffah Quarrdsome, A companion
Halwani - Confectioner. This was the name of Ahmad Ibn-Zayd a reciter of the Quran and student of Hadith Confectioner
Iyaaz - Generous, Ibn Himar Mujashit had this name and he was a companion of the Prophet PBUH Generous
Jabalah - Name of Ibn Harisah a companion of the Prophet PBUH. And one who had participated in the Badr Battle Mountain, hill Daughter of Musafh; she was a narrator of Hadith
Rukanah - Firm, solid; Ibn Abd Yazid was RA a companion of the Prophet PBUH and he had this name Firm, Solid
Shujaa - Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr, and who was sent to Damascus as a messenger by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him)
Absi - Probably from ABASA to frown Probably from Abasa to frown; this was the name of Abdullah Ibn-Musa, a scholar and reciter of the Quran, died 828/829
Hadrami - There have been notable men with this name, for isntance, (i) Abdullah ibn-Abi Ishaq, a Quran reciter of Basrah There have been notable men
Ilyas - A Prophet, the biblical Elias A Prophets name Name of a Prophet of Allah. He was called Ilyaseen as well
Khallad - Old, Aged; A companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name, he was Ibn As-Saib Old, Aged (also name of Prophets (SAW) companion
Khidash - A companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name, he was ibn Satamah RA Name of Prophet (SAW)s companion
Khuraymah - Name of ibn Jazi RA, A companion of the Prophet PBUH also bin Sabit a noted companion who was martyred at Badr (name of companion)
Musab - Name of a Sahabi who particepated in the battle of Badr Old Arabic name Ibn-Umair RA was so named he was a companion whom the Prophet PBUH name as one of the fourteen eminent guardians
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