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About Islamic Name Basimi. Find the meaning of Basimi, its origins and more.
About Basimi
MeaningHappy and Joyful
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EnglishBasimi – Play English
ArabicبَاسِميPlay Arabic
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Similar Boy Names
Farhan - Happiness, Laughter, Joy and Delight Merry. Gay (Happy) Happy Glad, happy, joyful, cheerful, delighted
Farheen - Happiness, Laughter, Joy and Delight Jubilant Happy, glad
Masud - Benefit, Blessings and Profit | Happiness, Laughter, Joy and Delight Fortunate, happy, lucky
Misam - Beautiful and Radiant Smiling, happy Impression, mark, beauty
Hani - Joyful, happy Happy, delighted, joyful Pleasant
Kamran - Lucky, happy, success Safety and helpful
Masrur - Pleased Happy, joyful
Rana - A flower, happy and gay, clever A flower, happy and gay To gaze, look
Aaf - Forgiveness and Forgiving
Aafiq - Intelligent, Educated and Intellectual
Aala - High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb Bounties Benefit, favour, blessing
Aali - High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb High, tall
Aamir - Life and Alive Civilised Populous, Full, Prosperous, Amply Settled, Civilized. Also Used To Refer To A Prince, Ruler or Leader
Aaqil - Intelligent, Educated and Intellectual | Wise, Wisdom and Decisiveness Intelligent
Aasir - Brave, Strong and Courageous Captivating, fascinating
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