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Khush Bakht

About Islamic Name Khush Bakht. Find the meaning of Khush Bakht, its origins and more.
About Khush Bakht
NameKhush Bakht
MeaningFortunate, of good fortune
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EnglishKhush Bakht – Play English
Arabicخوش بختPlay Arabic
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Similar Boy Names
Alhusain - Beautiful and Radiant Diminutive Of The Handsome, The Good
Iqbal - Successful Prosperity, good fortune Prosperity, good fortune, good-luck, responsiveness, welfare
Kayani - Royal--Princely-- King-like (or Queen-like) Of good nature
Khair - Noble, Admirable and Praiseworthy Good, blessing, boon, wealth, benevolent, fortune Good, blessing, boon, wealth Good, blessing, boon, wealth, fortune
Rahim - Good Friend and Companion Merciful, compassionate, kind. Al-Rahim, the most Merciful: one of the names of Allah Merciful Kind, generous, kindly, nice
Rashid - Guide, Guided and Guidance | Wise, Wisdom and Decisiveness Right-minded, rightly-guided, pious One of good council
Rizwan - Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing and Devoted to God Acceptance. Good Will. Name Of The Keeper Of The Gates Of Heaven Peon of Paradise Satisfaction contentment, happiness, pleasure, name of the Keeper of the gates of Jannah (Paradise) Satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, contentment, name of the gate-keeper of paradise
Saad - Benefit, Blessings and Profit | Happiness, Laughter, Joy and Delight Good luck, good fortune, success, happiness, prosperity, lucky Good luck
Waseem - Beautiful and Radiant Of a fine countenance, handsome, comely Handsome Graceful. Handsome. Good Looking
Sameera - Good Friend and Companion Entertaining companion Companion (in nightly conversation), entertainer (with stories, music etc.) fem. of Samir
Aafiya - Good health; Bin Ayyub had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith Good Health
Humayun - Auspicious, fortunate, Mohammad Humayun (d. 1556): name of a Mughal Emperor Blessed, sacred, royal, imperial
Jamaal - Beauty, elegance , comeliness, of good looks and character
Jiyaad - (pl. of jayyid) Very good, Name of a mountain in Makkah Mukarramah
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