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About Islamic Name Misbah. Find the meaning of Misbah, its origins and more.
About Misbah
MeaningLight and Radiance
Lamp, lantern
Lamp, Light
GenderMale & Female
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EnglishMisbah – Play English
ArabicمصباحPlay Arabic
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Similar Boy Names
Mashal - Light and Radiance Light Torch Lamp, night light Light, bright fire, flame
Munir - Light and Radiance Splendid, shining, something that reflects light, bright, brilliant, radiant, luminous Moons Light, Lamp
Misbaah - A lamp, a lamp light, lantern, a morning Lamp
Nibras - Lamp Lamp, light
Siraaj - A lamp, the sun, a candle Lamp, Light
Siraj - Lamp, light, the sun, candle Lighted torch
Charagh - Lamp, Light
Abraq - Light and Radiance
Anar - Light and Radiance
Anwaar - Light and Radiance Multiple , Light , Luster Light, glow, gleam Pl. of noor, meaning light, glow, gleam
Anwari - Light and Radiance
Ashal - Light and Radiance
Atheer - Light and Radiance
Bareeq - Light and Radiance Glitter, flash, luster, brig Glitter, flash, luster, brightness, brilliance, radiance
Bariq - Light and Radiance Bright
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