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About Islamic Name Mounia. Find the meaning of Mounia, its origins and more.
About Mounia
MeaningA wish or dream come true
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EnglishMounia – Play English
ArabicمونياPlay Arabic
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Similar Girl Names
Ayah - Sign and Proof of Allah's Greatness A verse from Quran or a sign from God
Batool - Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing and Devoted to God A true devotee woman of Allah
Dalal - Coquetry, pampering Treated or touched in a kind and loving way
Khuwailah - A little or young female gazelle; name of a women A little or young female gazelle, name of a women
Mubashshirah - A bearer of glad tidings or good news
Naajidah - Courageous, a lady who accomplishes difficult or takes liber- tasks. one who appeals for help ties Courageous, a lady who accomplishes difficult or takes libertasks. one who appeals for help ties
Quddoosiyyah - A girl who is free from any physical or moral defects,a blessed girl. a pious girl,celestial
Saadiqhah - True, sincere, faithful, veracious, a woman of his word
Waajida - One whose wants are satisfied, wealthy, a lover or beloved
Amany - A Wish
Asiya - The Muslim wife of Pharaoh Comforting, consoling, a mansion with solid foundation or pillars, firm, a powerful. Wife of Firawn. One who heals
Fariah - Fariah or Furayah was the name of a companion, daughter of Maalik bin sanan al-Ansari and sister of Abu Saeed al-Khudri She was called by either name
Hamna - Purple or black grape (a fruit - berry)
Shiza - A gift or present
Umniaorumniyah - a wish, an aspiration, Gift
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