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About Islamic Name Najiha. Find the meaning of Najiha, its origins and more.
About Najiha
MeaningSuccessful, prosperous; fem. of Najih
Successful, prosperous
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EnglishNajiha – Play English
ArabicناجحهPlay Arabic
ناجحةPlay Arabic
ناجحہPlay Arabic
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Similar Girl Names
Faiza - Successful Victorious Gain Victorious, triumphant, winner, successful, prosperous; fem. of Faiz
Faliha - Successful Fortunate, lucky, successful Fortunate, lucky, successful, prosperous; fem. of Falih
Maisoora - Ease, successful, fortunate Ease; successful, fortunate, lucky, prosperous; fem. of maisoor
Marzooqa - blessed, fortunate blessed, fortunate, prosperous, successful; fem. of Marzooq
Muwaffaqa - Successful, prosperous Successful, prosperous, lucky, fortunate; fem. of Muwaffaq
Zafira - Successful Victorious, triumphant, successful, winner, conqueror; fem. of Zafir Victorious, triumphant
Faaizah - Successful, prosperous, victorious
Ghaniya - Rich, wealthy, prosperous; fem. of Ghani Rich, wealthy, prosperous
Maimoona - (Maimoonah) Fortunate, auspicious, prosperous.Name of an Ummulmoomineen, the wife of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him) Auspicious, prosperous Auspicious, prosperous, lucky, fortunate, blessed; fem. of Maimoon
Muyassar - Fortunate, facilitated Successful, lucky, prosperous
Aamira - Imperial, Abundant, Inhabited Prosperous, full of life, large, substantial; fem. of Aamir
Mabrooka - Blessed, prosperous Blessed, prosperous, abundant; fem. of Mabrook
Masooda - Fortunate, happy, lucky Fortunate, happy, lucky, prosperous, gracious, favourable, august; fem. of Masood
Wafeeqa - Successful, fem. of Wafiq Successful; fem. of Wafiq
Aisha - Life and Alive Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh
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