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About Islamic Name Rahim. Find the meaning of Rahim, its origins and more.
About Rahim
MeaningGood Friend and Companion
Merciful, compassionate, kind. Al-Rahim, the most Merciful: one of the names of Allah
Kind, generous, kindly, nice
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ArabicراحِمPlay Arabic
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راهيمPlay Arabic
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Similar Boy Names
Rauf - Merciful, kind, compassionate. Al-Rauf, the most Kind: one of the names of Allah Compassionate
Raheem - Kind, Compassionate and Tenderhearted Allah’s attribute, Most Merciful, Most kind. Names, Abdur-Raheem, Muhammad Raheem Variant transcription of RAHIM
Rahman - Al-Rahman, the most Gracious; one of the names of Allah Compassionate, merciful
Tawwab - Merciful, forgiving. Al-Tawwab, the All-compassionate: one of the names of Allah Merciful, forgiving
Qadeer - Powerful and Able Able, powerful, mighty, one of the names of Allah Powerful, very kind hearted and honest
Munaim - Benevolent kind. Al-Munaim, the Benevolent: one of the names of Allah Benevolent kind. Al-Munaim
Rahmaan - Allah’s attribute meaning ,Most Merciful, Most kind ,suitable combination of names are, Abdul Rahmaan, AzeezurRahmaan, Ahmadur Rahmaan, Khaleelurrahmaan
Sami - High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb Hearing, listening. Al-Sami, the All-Hearing: one of the names of Allah High, lofty, elevated
Karim - Kind, generous, benevolent, noble, bountiful, magnificent, gracious, merciful, an epithet of Allah Kind, generous, benevolent
Mizanur Rahman - Balance of the most merciful (Allah)
Quddoos - Holy, most, pure, free from any defects. Al-Quddus, the All-holy: one of the names of Allah Holy, most, pure
Rauoof - An attribute applied to Allah, meaning ,Most Merciful. Most kind , the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was also referred to as Raoof by the Holy Quraan. Name, Abdur-Raoof
Shakur - Thankful, most grateful, one who gives due appreciation. Al-Shakur, the All-thankful; one of the names of Allah Thankful, most grateful, one
Wadood - Lover, warm-hearted, affectionate, friend, beloved. Al-Wadood, the All-loving: one of the names of Allah Lover, warm-hearted, affecti
Wali - Prince, guardian, protector, friend, saint. Al-Waliy, the Protector: one of the names of Allah Guardian Saint
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