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About Islamic Name Salama. Find the meaning of Salama, its origins and more.
About Salama
MeaningSafety and Security
Peace; fem. of Salam
Peace, fem. of Salam
Peace, safety, security; fem. of Salam
GenderMale & Female
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EnglishSalama – Play English
ArabicسلامةPlay Arabic
سلمهPlay Arabic
سلمہPlay Arabic
سلامہPlay Arabic
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Similar Boy Names
Aman - Safety and Security Security, peace, safety Trust, safety, protection, tranquillity, peace of mind, calmness
Amaan - The most lovelable Trust, safety, security, protection, tranquility, peace of mind, calmness
Aslam - Safety and Security Peace Very safe, safeguarded, better, more perfect, more complete
Salam - Peace, Safety and Security
Salaam - (Salaam)Salutation, peace, safety, compliment, good-bye, Name of a Sahabi (RA) Peace
Sulaiman - Peace and Peaceful A Prophet, the biblical Solomon, son of Prophet Dawood A Prophets Name
Sameera - Good Friend and Companion Entertaining companion Companion (in nightly conversation), entertainer (with stories, music etc.) fem. of Samir
Hafsah - The wife of the Holy prophet ( peace be upon him), and Ummulmoominin, mother of the believers, and the daughter of Hazrat Umar(RA)
Husain - Grand son of the Holy prophet ( peace be upon him) the son of Hazrat Fatimah and Hazrat Ali (RA) Diminutive of Hasan Diminutive of Hasan, beautiful, Imam Husayn: second son of Caliph Ali
Jameel - Handsome, Physically and morally attractive, name of a Sahabi , the companion of the prophet (peace be upon him) Beautiful
Saabir - One who patienly and stoically edures al hardships and diffichlties, title of Ayyoob(peace be upon him)
Shujaa - Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr, and who was sent to Damascus as a messenger by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him)
Shuqraan - Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr,and he was the freed slave of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him)
Abbaas - Gloony look Gloony look,The uncle of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him) and well-known Sahabi(RA)
Momin - Believer, One of the names of Allah Believer (in Islam), pious, one who advocates peace and harmony. Attribute of Allah
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