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About Islamic Name Shakirah. Find the meaning of Shakirah, its origins and more.
About Shakirah
GenderMale & Female
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EnglishShakirah – Play English
ArabicشَاكِرَةPlay Arabic
شاكرهPlay Arabic
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Similar Boy Names
Abdul Shakoor - Servant of Allah Servant of the All-thankful (Allah)
Shakir - Thankful Thankful, grateful, contented
Shaakir - Grateful, thankful, content, praising
Shakoor - Most grateful, one who gives due appreciation, one who can appreciate the worth of any deed, an attribute of Allah Thankful, Grateful
Shakur - Thankful, most grateful, one who gives due appreciation. Al-Shakur, the All-thankful; one of the names of Allah Thankful, most grateful, one
Mashkur - Thankful, praiseworthy
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