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About Islamic Name Subayah. Find the meaning of Subayah, its origins and more.
About Subayah
MeaningHandsome, Comely
Daughter of al-Harish al-Aslamiyah
GenderMale & Female
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EnglishSubayah – Play English
ArabicصبیحPlay Arabic
صبيحPlay Arabic
سبیعہPlay Arabic
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Similar Boy Names
Asma - High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb Loftier, More, Eminet He was Ibn Harithah Al-Aslami A narrator of Hadith and daughter of Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Tahir al-Aswadi (AN)
Izz - Power, might, honour The daughter of al-Haytam Muhammad bin al-Haysam was so named
Qabool - Accepted, accreditec, appreciated Accepted, accreditec Accepted. An early woman, daughter of Abdullah, freed slave of al-Mustanjid Billah
Rawahah - Departure, Fragrance, ease A noted narrator of Hadith, daughter of Abu Umar bin Abdur Rahman al-Awzaee had this name
Qassam - Handsome,Name of a great mujahid(Izzu Deen Al Qassam)
Sadi - fortunate, lucky in Arabic Daughter of Awf al-Muruyyah and wife of Talhah bin UbaydAllah, she was a narrator of Hadith
Abbad - Worshiper of Allah A great worshipper of Allah, several men have passed bearing this name among them Abu Abbad Jabir Ibn Zayd of the court of al Mamun A great worshipper of Allah
Ilm - Knowledge A slave gifl belonging to Zubaydah, wife of Harun al-Rashid had this name
Qamar - Moon and Moonlight The moon. Al-Qamar: title of 54th sura of Quran The moon. Al-Qamar Moon
Rahim - Good Friend and Companion Merciful, compassionate, kind. Al-Rahim, the most Merciful: one of the names of Allah Merciful Kind, generous, kindly, nice
Sami - High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb Hearing, listening. Al-Sami, the All-Hearing: one of the names of Allah High, lofty, elevated
Waseem - Beautiful and Radiant Of a fine countenance, handsome, comely Handsome Graceful. Handsome. Good Looking
Abahh - Al-Abahh was the nickname of al Hasan Ibn Ibrahim, an astrologer of Al Mamun
Abdul Muhsin - Slave of the Benefactor; Among the known people was ibn-Ghalbun Al-Suri
Awwal - Slave of the First one First. Al-Awwal, the first: First. Al-Awwal, the first: one of the names of Allah
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