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About Islamic Name Wisam. Find the meaning of Wisam, its origins and more.
About Wisam
MeaningBeautiful and Radiant
Badge, Logo, like coat of Arms
Decoration, medal, badge of honour
GenderMale & Female
More Information
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EnglishWisam – Play English
ArabicوسامPlay Arabic
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Similar Boy Names
Ahsan - Beautiful and Radiant The best of all Better, superior
Alhusain - Beautiful and Radiant Diminutive Of The Handsome, The Good
Malih - Beautiful and Radiant Handsome A reciter of Quran was so called
Sabeeh - Beautiful and Radiant Beautiful, handsome, one with a fair complexion A narrator of Hadith
Subaih - Beautiful and Radiant Beautiful. Name of Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr Beautiful. Name of Sahabi
Waseem - Beautiful and Radiant Of a fine countenance, handsome, comely Handsome Graceful. Handsome. Good Looking
Amjaad - Noble, Admirable and Praiseworthy Pl. of majd, glory, honour Pl. of Majd, glory, honour
Fakhr - Honor and Glory Glory, pride, a thing to be proud of Pride, Something to feel proud about Glory, pride, honour
Imtiaz - Distinction and Prominence Different, antique Distinction, privilege, mark of honour
Tazeen - Beautiful and Radiant A decor, decoration piece, Decoration, Ornament
Husain - Grand son of the Holy prophet ( peace be upon him) the son of Hazrat Fatimah and Hazrat Ali (RA) Diminutive of Hasan Diminutive of Hasan, beautiful, Imam Husayn: second son of Caliph Ali
Husayn - Diminutive of Hasan, beautiful, Imam Husayn: second son of Caliph Ali In protection, security In protection, security, ibn-Umar and Ibn-Wahuj (or Wah Wah) had this name
Jameel - Handsome, Physically and morally attractive, name of a Sahabi , the companion of the prophet (peace be upon him) Beautiful
Shaheed - Present, witness, martyr in the cause of Islam and as such held in very high esteem and honour Present, witness
Zain - Beautiful, pretty, beauty, grace, ornament, honour Friend, beloved Beauty, grace. Zayn un Nisa was a literary lady of her times
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